100 years of engineering to give you the perfect eight hours of sleep

Introducing the SWITLIK Mattress

Sealed Foam Chamber

We invented a new way to simply adjust the pressure of your mattress to match your desired level of firmness.

Simply Adjustable

Everyone is different. Importantly, everyone is different every day and at different times in their lives. You need a mattress that can adjust with you. 

We are all different

Uniquely Comfortable

The SWITLIK’s outer cover is made of organic Merino wool that is soft to the touch, is breathable, adds cushioning and manages moisture better than any other fiber. 

Our cover

Uniquely Comfortable

The SWITLIK’s outer cover is made of organic Merino wool that is soft to the touch, is breathable, adds cushioning and manages moisture better than any other fiber. 

Our cover

Fully Cleanable

Remove spills with ordinary household cleaners. Sealed Foam makes the SWITLIK comfort chamber washable and hygenic. Nothing gets in. 

How to clean a SWITLIK

SWITLIK is a 100-year-old American manufacturing company, family-owned and operated through four generations.

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What our Customers are Saying

“I have fibromyalgia, both knees and shoulder replaced, and a fusion on L4-L5, and I still have the best sleep ever!! At first, it seemed a little hard but after a few nights of adjusting, it turned to almost a contouring feeling. Even my dog Bentley loves it. My wife loves that she can adjust her side the way she wants while reading and I am sound asleep.

I have to chase Bentley out just to make my bed! This bed is Bentley approved!”

– Marvin W.

What our Customers are Saying

“We love our bed. We have had it for two months now. We have gone through four beds (three traditional spring and one latex) in the last 10 years and I just didn’t think they made high-quality beds any more. We were referred by our personal trainer and luckily for us, we didn’t have to rush into making one of the hardest decisions due to the trial program that SWITLIK carries.

Thanks for the trial, so we were completely sure this was for us; and a mattress finally for two very different style of sleeping people, and we didn’t have to compromise our comfort one bit.”

– Andy & Patricia R.

What our Customers are Saying

“Upgraded from a 10-year-old, off-brand pillowtop. Same sleep since day one. Restful, and I am no longer stiff and sore every morning. Now, I want to sleep later and longer. As a marathon runner, every minute of rest is critical to recovery. I am highly satisfied with my new mattress and recommend the SWITLIK brand to anyone replacing what they have.

I must say this as well, we weren’t waiting around for hours for our delivery; the team was amazing and they were in and out; they didn’t waste our entire day. Kudos to the guys.”

– Ted J.

What our Customers are Saying

“Last week I received the SWITLIK mattress, and I don’t know how I’ve ever slept without it! The mattress cover stayed cool all night long allowing me to get some of the best, uninterrupted sleep I’ve ever had. I wake up feeling refreshed and even my back pain has subsided. I don’t even feel my husband toss and turn at night anymore (and that used to wake me up). I don’t know how I’ve slept without this mattress for so long, but I’m so glad it’s a part of my life now and we didn’t have to compromise!”

– Marie B.

What our Customers are Saying

“During my last few months of pregnancy, it was invaluable having a mattress that adjusted based on how much support I needed that night—which helped so much in getting that much needed rest! Now with an infant, I love being able to firm the bed up to comfortably sit and feed in bed, knowing I can clean the cover from any spit-up, spills or accidents.”

– Katie C.

What our Customers are Saying

“I can’t imagine sleeping on anything but a SWITLIK ever again.”

– Chris S.

What our Customers are Saying

“I like that I can have my mattress harder while I am propped up reading but can make it softer when I go to sleep.”

– David S.

What our Customers are Saying

“The adjustable factor is great with a mattress that goes in a regular bed frame! We don’t have to redo the whole room for an upgrade to an adjustable bed.”

– Jere B.

What our Customers are Saying

“I’ve never woken up as refreshed as I do after sleeping on my SWITLIK.”

What our Customers are Saying

“One purchase we haven’t regretted. It took me longer than my husband but I won’t turn back to a regular innerspring or memory foam mattress; especially due to the smell in other foam mattresses. This is the best way to spend 1/3 of your life!

Awesome job!”

– Joel & Stephanie

What our Customers are Saying

We did this trial mattress 3 weeks ago for the 14 days and it is just amazing to wake up every morning WITHOUT my typical back pain. My wife doesn’t feel me throughout the night going to the bathroom any longer! Well DONE!! I did a lot of research before we made this purchase, we came across this mattress do to the relationship with their raft business because we have one on our boat. This product is worth every penny; especially the lifetime guarantee on its chamber. This high-quality company has made me rethink going into a mattress store when we’ve been doing business with a quality company for 20 plus years and they haven’t let us down. Thanks for creating such a good product.

– Arnold G.

Our philosophy

We believe you shouldn’t sleep on a mattress that’s not perfect for you. That’s why we will not sell you a SWITLIK mattress without a no-cost, in-home 14-night trial.

Green Glove Service- Lifetime Luxury Mattress Guarantee
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