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As a result of the changing consumer landscape Switlik has made the difficult decision to suspend our efforts and production within the consumer mattress line.  We are focusing our energy and resources on critical products and seeing how we can be of assistance in the evolving crisis. Thank you for your support and please stay tuned on our new developments.

Switlik Comfort- Pilor Vest
Switlik Comfort- Mattress Factory in Trenton, NJ
Switlik Comfort- Bush
Switlik Comfort- History

Family-owned & American-made

Switlik is a 100-year old American manufacturing company, founded and run by expert engineers, designers, and manufacturers. People depend on our lines of premium survival products in the most demanding conditions, from Mach speeds at 30,000 feet to the open seas during hurricanes. The quality of our American-made products comes from a blend of innovative engineering, advanced technologies, and patented manufacturing processes.

The Seafoam® Manufacturing Process

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been developing a new kind of manufacturing process called Seafoam. Seafoam is a patented process of sealing any type of open-cell foam with a unique polymer coating and pressurized valve. The coating and valve system allow us to vacuum-seal, pressurize, and adjust any shape of foam, creating a number of incredible product opportunities.

Using the Tap-It-To-Tune-It™ valve

Since the structure is sealed, the air pressure inside can be adjusted through the Tap-It-To-Tune-It™ valve to create different support characteristics based on the application. When under negative pressure, it transforms the inherent firmness of the foam into a different, comfortable gelatin-like feel, all the while maintaining an evenness of support. Conversely, when over-pressurized the structure becomes a rock-hard support. Most importantly, when the right support is achieved, and the valve is closed, the shape and depression of the mattress is saved.

The technology that can be used anywhere

No pumps, no hoses, no wires, no noise. Nothing to break or go wrong or wear out.

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